California State Contractors License #1010556
(866) 587-7411
3474 Toyon Circle #469 Valley Springs CA 95252

Propane Storage & Dispenser Repair Services

We Inspect, Maintain and Repair Bulk Propane Storage Systems

We Install & Maintain LP Dispensers for Farms, Ranches & Dairies.


We Service Propane Pump Systems, Vaporizers and Storage Tanks.

We Keep Your Propane Systems Running

  • Our clients buy, store & dispense large quantities of propane.
  • We’re the propane storage and dispensing systems experts.
  • We build, maintain & repair bulk LP storage tanks & LP dispensers.
  • We prove meters for bobtail trucks and retail / resale dispensers.
  • Serving LP marketers and bulk users across CA.

Plan A is always to keep your propane storage and dispensing system in good order.

Operational propane storage systems allow our clients to maintain a reliable propane supply chain. For propane distributors that receive and deliver propane in bulk quantities, lost storage capacity equals lost margins or lost sales volume. For agricultural users, a dispenser failure can threaten a season’s worth of opportunity when irrigation pumps, wind machines, heaters or driers run out of gas. We’re the people you’ll want to call when something goes wrong with Plan A.

Plan B is to have us on your speed dial and in your email contact list for fast propane system repairs.

We are here to respond quickly and restore your operation back to full capacity. We have the experience and equipment in place to resolve virtually any problem related to the operation of a propane storage tank or dispensing system. Your down time is expensive so we will respond with the resources to fix the problem.

Let’s connect and look at what you are doing.

Call us and we’ll schedule a consultation about your operation, your equipment and your needs. We’ll be here when you need us but the more we know, the less time you’ll lose if something goes wrong. Think about it and give us a call. (866) 587-7411

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