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We do not sell propane.

Propane Construction and Meter Services developed out of the growth of our parent company. Through years of hard work, we developed expertise in the field of bulk propane system design,  construction and maintenance. We’ve built bulk propane storage facilities all over California. We’ve built them for our company. We’ve built them for agricultural users. We’ve built them for industrial users. We’ve even built them for other propane companies. Along the way, we developed a reputation for knowing how to satisfy the Fire Marshall’s, the PUC and the insurance companies.

Now this is all we do.

For some of our clients, we’re the reliable independent contractor that allows them to operate at an arm’s length from their gas suppliers. We do all of their equipment maintenance and keep them in regulatory compliance.

In other cases, we’re the beginning and middle. We consulted on the project. Designed the system. Got the contract for the construction. Now we’re doing the maintenance. Everyone’s happy so no telling if that will ever end.

Still another case, where we do dispenser meter proving for LP distributors. For bobtails or retail dispensers, we’ve got the mobile equipment to satisfy the needs of successful operators who don’t prove their own meters.

If you own your bulk propane storage and dispensing system, we should talk.

In almost every case, our business model makes sense for the system owner. We perform inspections that meet the regulatory requirements of your prevailing authorities. You pay for the work that you need.

It’s that simple. Really.

Don’t let anyone from any company confuse you. It costs money to inspect, maintain and repair propane storage, dispensing and meter systems. If you want to save money on propane, call us for your system maintenance & repair services.

Get the bulk LP storage and dispensing system you need (with no strings attached.)

We hear about this frequently. The “solution” provided by publicly-traded national propane companies ties the storage system to the gas purchase. The nice people promise great service and reliable pricing. 18 months later the prices are climbing and the friendly service is over the phone from 1,800 miles away. It all adds up to a problem that you can’t solve when they own the propane storage system on your property. Don’t go down that rabbit hole. Let us show you how your best choice is easy. You tell us what you need. We design it for you. We can build it too if you want – that’s up to you!

Start the process with a phone call. Call or contact us for a consultation about your needs!


We think a bulk propane user deserves a bulk propane services company. Try us and decide for yourself!

“Over the years we’ve gotten calls from all over California and beyond – in some cases from the big national companies asking us to quietly help their customers”

— J. Oliver – PCaMS – retired 2013
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