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Propane Meter Proving for Bobtails & Dispensers


We Provide Fast, Reliable Propane Dispenser Repair Services.


We Provide Fast, Reliable Propane Dispenser Repair Services.


We Provide Fast, Reliable Propane Dispenser Repair Services.

We Keep Your Propane Business Pumping

  • We provide retail / resale propane dispenser system repairs.
  • Our fast mobile service will fix your LP dispenser without delay.
  • We install and repair bobtail propane meters all over CA.
  • We prove meters for bobtail trucks and retail / resale dispensers.
  • Serving propane marketers and resellers across CA.

There is never a good time to have a propane dispenser fail.

Murphy’s Law is the prevailing indicator of when a dispenser will stop working. Your technician just left for a long-deserved vacation. It’s the beginning of the first warm weekend of Spring and BBQ season is kicking into gear. Your nearby marina is kicking off a three day fishing rodeo. And now your propane dispenser doesn’t work.

Your best course of action is one call to us. (866) 587-7411

We get it. Your broken dispenser is costing you more than just the gallons you are losing. It’s your reputation and the sales that are attached to the lost gallons. A fast propane dispenser repair can save you more than just a weekend of LP sales. It can help you keep the dollars that would disappear when you can’t sell propane so a customer who wants to buy it all from you. It’s your sale and we’re here to help you keep it.

Meter proving services for LP bobtails and retail dispenser

We’ve got the essential equipment and personnel to bring everything to you. We can service your propane meter on your bobtail or dispenser on location. Faster service means less downtime. The sooner your meter is calibrated, the faster you can get back to work. If you need a re-certification for your bobtail or retail dispenser, give us a call at (866) 587-7411.

Think outside the box – have a plan for the moment when things go wrong.

We’ll consult with you on your best options in the event you need help in a pinch. We’ll want to know what you have, where you work and when you are at your most critical business opportunity stages. If you need us and you call, we’ll already know what we have to do, where to go and what to expect. That’s thinking outside of the box. Think about it and give us a call. (866) 587-7411

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